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thrivetality UltraMEG Omega-3 Complex


(30 servings)

Omega-3 is the most popular nutritional supplement in America, and possibly the most misunderstood.  Our goal with UltraMeg was simple, to push the limits of nutrition science and create most synergistic Omega-3 fatty acid blend available.  We started with a highly concentrated formulation of Omega-3 fatty acids from molecularly distilled fish oil to provide the 1000 mg dose of Omega-3 fatty acids recommended by authorities.  We then added flax seed oil as a natural plant-based source of essential alpha linolenic acid, and black currant oil as a natural plant-based source of anti-inflammatory gamma linolenic acid.  And we packaged it all into our enhanced delivery system liquid capsule to create an Omega-3 complex that has no equal.  *


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